Our Mission

The After Hours committee creates safe, substance-free programs every Friday night. Suggested events may include gift card bingo, poker tournaments, laser tag, comedians, hypnotists, magicians and home-grown or themed nights. 

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 Costumes are acceptable.

Costumes are acceptable.

11 Things You Should Know About The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  1. This show contains adult content that may be offensive. Consider this before purchasing a ticket.

  2. No nudity is allowed! (Cover yo’ parts)

  3. Stand in line to purchase tickets.

  4. Grab a prop bag that will be used during the movie. Certain scenes require items in bag. Look to your neighbor for help.

  5. “Virgins” will be marked either on forehead or wrist with red lipstick. (Optional) “Virgins” are those who have not seen the movie in a theatre setting with a live audience.

  6. Don’t be alarmed. The pre-show is all in good fun!

  7. All “virgins” are invited to come on stage for a “virgin auction”. (Optional)

  8. A costume contest will be held on stage during pre-show. (Optional)

  9. Everyone is encouraged to participate! (You will have a great time. Bring your sense of humor!)

  10. Be prepared to use your singing and dancing skills.

  11. People yell “slut” when the character Janet is on screen and “asshole” when the character Brad is on-screen. Join in if you want!

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