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Social Media User Policy

Welcome to the K-State Student Union Program Council’s official social media accounts. We encourage thoughtful discussion and interaction relevant to the purpose of the page. The purpose of Union Program Council (UPC) social media pages is limited to focusing on UPC’s mission, goals, and programs. Content must be relevant to the topic discussed, relevant to this particular page, and to the point. Content that is excessively long or repetitive is subject to removal. Content that is profane, threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, creating a security or privacy risk, spam, defamatory, infringing on another person's rights, commercial advertising by a third party, otherwise violates local, county, state or federal laws, or incites or solicits illegal conduct or violence, is prohibited. By posting content to the site, you represent that you own or otherwise have all the rights necessary to lawfully use that content and/or that the use of the content is permitted by fair use, as applicable. UPC reserves the right to remove any material for nonconformity with this policy.

Users acknowledge that the security of the site cannot be guaranteed, that use of the site is voluntary, and assume the risks associated with such use, releasing and holding harmless UPC from any and all claims related thereto. UPC does not necessarily endorse, support, agree with or verify the validity of the content shared on its social media sites by users. The appearance of comments, external hyperlinks, or any information contained within "follows," "likes," "retweets," “shares” and similar actions on social media pages do not necessarily constitute endorsement or support by UPC.